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Climate Leaders Forum Melbourne

Making money and not going to jail in a Changing Climate: Reflections from South Pole’s Melbourne Climate Leaders Breakfast

Focusing on the theme: ‘Net Zero 2030 – Mitigation and Adaptation’, the event brought together representatives from Australia’s private, public and civil sectors to discuss how businesses, industries and individuals can work together to reach zero emissions in a way that is good for people, the planet and profits.

Reconciling climate and jobs in the Sunshine State: South Pole's inaugural Brisbane Climate Leaders Forum

Reconciling climate and jobs in the Sunshine State: South Pole's inaugural Brisbane Climate Leaders Forum

Queensland is a place of contrasts: natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef are central to a booming tourism industry – yet this is at odds with historically important sectors of agriculture and mining. The Sunshine State faces unique climate challenges. It was against this backdrop that South Pole's CEO & Co-founder, Renat Heuberger, visited for the inaugural Brisbane Climate Leaders Forum.

The Open Innovation Platform

The Open Innovation Platform – A Call for More Sustainable Financial Centres in Europe

A better tomorrow awaits if we succeed in limiting global warming to 1.5°C, yet we are hopelessly off-target in capping rising temperatures, and it’s becoming exceedingly difficult to do so. We know that time is quickly running out, that taking climate action makes financial sense, and that we need to channel trillions to mitigate climate change and accelerate the turn to zero net carbon. So what does this mean for European financial centres and how can they best prepare to the inevitable shift towards green and sustainable finance? The new climate reality is a ‘use it or lose it’ moment for financial centres in Europe. The UN-led Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S) wants to make sure it is the former – read on to find out how.

Carbon Mitigation

La mitigación de carbono es solo una pieza en el rompecabezas

El camino hacia un futuro sostenible no es sencillo. Parece que tan pronto como descubrimos una forma de limpiar la mitad del plástico de los océanos en los próximos cinco años, la deforestación en el Amazonas comienza a aumentar drásticamente. Si bien la voz de los jóvenes hace un llamado enérgico a la acción, los políticos todavía están discutiendo sobre cuán sólida es la ciencia climática.

Wind turbine

Climate Crunch: climate risks and financial materiality

Integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the core of investment strategies and decision-making is becoming a reality. ESG criteria have made their way to institutional investors’ active investment strategies as well as passive strategies, for example in the growth of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) considering ESG criteria.

Carbon mitigation Airline

Carbon mitigation is one piece in the puzzle

The path to a just, sustainable future isn't straightforward and global teamwork is needed to reduce emissions and mitigate the environmental, economic and social impacts this shift will create. One of the most broadly implemented voluntary measures available to companies and individuals who want to act now is carbon offsetting.

Future Climate Leaders

A just climate transition is the name of the game in Sweden

A survey found that Climate and Environment were the most important topics amongst Swedish voters when deciding on political party in the EU election last month. In fact, flying and meat consumption amongst Swedes decreased during 2017 and 2018 for the first time in a South Pole invited key sustainability players to the Climate Leaders Forum in Stockholm on 28th May to explore how businesses should respond to growing public demand for companies to take climate responsibility.

The Climate Reality Project

On joining the Climate Reality Leaders Corps

On World Environment Day, Colonial First State's Pablo Berrutti joined more than 700 people for Climate Reality Leader training in Brisbane. Led by Chairman Al Gore, and CEO Ken Berlin, the Climate Reality Leaders program has trained almost 20,000 people who in the first six months of 2019 have logged almost 19,000 ‘acts of leadership’ ranging from delivering Mr Gore’s famous presentation to writing blogs – like this one!

Flight Traveling

Corporate sustainability reaches new heights with climate neutral travel management

In an age where flying places seems almost fundamental to doing business, South Pole Australia’s Jay van Rijn shares some tips for reducing your organisation’s emissions from air travel – and how South Pole’s partnership with travel industry data and solutions management provider, Tramada, is making it easier than ever to make those business flights that are unavoidable climate neutral.

Mount Sandy Project

Taking Carbon Offsets further with Biodiversity: Mount Sandy

How far can a carbon purchase go? That’s what companies all over the world come to South Pole to find out, and carbon projects are incredibly varied; from forestry, to energy, to industry, to waste – there are so many different ways to sequester or avoid carbon emissions. With this, comes a range of opportunities to make a difference beyond the tangible tonne of carbon. South Pole's Rhyannon Galea introduces you to the newest addition in our EcoAustralia suite of projects, taking the impact of carbon offsetting and biodiversity protection a step further.

Carbon and Climate Conference

Top 5 Takeaways from Australia's largest Carbon & Climate Conference: the CMI Summit

What’s happening faster than increasing global emissions? News and stories about climate change and Australia’s policies to respond. Here are the Top 5 things you need to know about Australian climate policy following the Carbon Market Institute’s 6th Australasian Emission Reduction Summit, held in Melbourne two weeks before the federal election.

Science-Based Targets

Q&A: A Practical Guide to Science-Based Targets

The number of companies basing their sustainability goals in climate science has grown dramatically in the past year. As Charles Henderson, Head of Corporate Climate Risks and Opportunities at South Pole, points out, many companies are intrigued about setting a SBT, yet also unsure about what this means in practice. So, how does science-based target setting work?

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