Portrait: Ladaporn "Kat" Khunikakorn

Ladaporn "Kat" Khunikakorn, Project Manager

Our Project Manager Ladaporn, "Kat", specialises in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Having been involved in a wide array of emission reduction projects, she has gathered a rich knowledge in the fields of renewable energy, climate finance and sustainable development technology. Based in our offices in Bangkok, she has also picked up English, Lao and Mandarin in addition to her native Thai.

Tell us about your work at South Pole?

I work at our offices in Bangkok and I am chiefly responsible for the implementation of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects, including the MRV process that goes with them. As key touch point with clients, I make sure we maintain good relationships with this important stakeholder group. I also ensure that each project activity cycle is on the right track based on our milestone targets or the GHG standard applied.

What inspired you to work at South Pole?

My colleagues! The working atmosphere is very important to me. My colleagues here are very nice and I have learnt a wealth of things from them. I always get a good ideas/comments from them which I can use in my work.

Another aspect is visiting project sites, which gives me an opportunity to see many things. It is all about meeting project owners, technology providers, government sector but additionally about having a chance to interact with local people. Getting to know people from various kinds of cultures is another good learning point that I cannot find anywhere else. I have had the chance to see many places that are not easily accessible to many people or normal tourists. These are some of the things that make me motivated to work with SPG.

What is the best thing about working at South Pole?

My great colleagues, for sure. In addition I really enjoy my job: working with SPG is not only providing me with an income but I do believe that working in a climate filed can minimize environmental problems as well. Although, I am just a small part of it, I believe I can contribute to saving the planet in some way. By doing this job, I also gain a lot of experience and knowledge that go far beyond my academic studies.

What do you do when you're not in the at work?

I meet up with friends and family. I also like to spend time at home; reading books, gardening/planting, watching movies/food channel. Well, I think everyone here knows that I love eating! Yes, dining and eating delicious food in Thailand is a must activity. To balance the dining, I also like doing sports, badminton being one of my favorites. I particularly enjoy doing any sport with a group of friends or colleagues.

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