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CEEZER - providing a large portfolio of climate projects via the South Pole API


Founded in 2021 in Berlin, CEEZER is a fast growing start-up with the purpose of providing companies with access and guidance through the voluntary carbon market. The digital-first company uses external and internal data to help companies seamlessly offset and remove the footprint they cannot currently reduce. CEEZER makes negative emissions as easily accessible as the capital markets. On the way, the company makes life easier for high-quality producers of carbon avoidance and removal.

Work with South Pole

As a digital-first company, CEEZER faced the challenge to automate the process of integrating a diverse range of emission reduction projects on their platform. An automatic process is particularly important for CEEZER to scale their solution and provide clients with an attractive offering and great user experience.

The solution went live after CEEZER finalised the technical implementation of the API in their backend. South Pole and CEEZER both look forward to the partnership and potentially extend the scope of services in the future.

Behind the scenes - Three questions to Magnus Drewelies, CEEZER CEO

1. What inspired you to found CEEZER?

During my work with companies in the areas of strategy and sustainability, I was constantly surprised that many decisions, even if relevant both financially, were made without sufficient data and transparency about actual impact. CEEZER helps companies to build and manage a carbon credit portfolio much like they would manage a financial portfolio - based on data and with a clear view on optimised impact.

2. What are your plans for 2022 and beyond?

We are set for a path of quick growth but are making sure this happens not only in numbers, but also in our offering. Additional data points on quality and project types as well as more features to monitor and communicate impact are along the way. We are further building a team of data scientists to do so.

3. What is your vision of the carbon market?

We are convinced the voluntary carbon market will play a fundamental role in managing global emission levels and the carbon stock. With continuous improvements in monitoring and verification and further scaling in newer emission reduction technologies, voluntary offset measures complement the equally required reduction efforts.


"CEEZER's mission is to build a digital-first carbon bank - providing a wide range of verified carbon credits is key to securing the best possible climate impact for corporates. We are incredibly happy to partner with South Pole as one of the most renowned developers of carbon avoidance and removal projects and make those directly available to customers on CEEZER, helping them to optimise climate action in addition to internal reductions".

Magnus Drewelies, CEO

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Talk to us about getting started on your Climate Journey
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