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Case Study: Climate Credit Card

Make expenses climate neutral

Climate Credit Card South Pole

  • Automatic capture and calculation of CO2 emissions of all purchases on the card. These are offset with high-quality emission reduction projects.
  • A monthly statement of expenses and an annual statement of the emission balance is provided. This enables customers to learn more about climate change and gain control over their carbon footprint.
  • All the benefits of a high-quality credit card, while having a positive environmental impact

The goal

A solution that allows credit card users to make personal and corporate expenses climate neutral. The goal of the award-winning Climate Credit Card is to accurately measure and offset all the GHG emissions from purchases. There are 2 types of Climate Credit Cards cards, one for business use and one for private clients. The more often these cards are used for business or personal purchases and services, the more harmful global emissions that can be offset.

The challenge

While being almost unavoidable in everyday life or business, each product and service, emits greenhouse gases. This solution supports a necessary business activity by generating positive environmental impacts.

The solution

Our climate calculator automatically measures all the emission linked to the credit card purchases and offsets them, exclusively through investments in Gold Standard emission- eduction projects - at no additional cost to the client!

With free yearly reports on the total CO2 emissions associated with purchases, users can see their shopping directly translate into positive environmental impacts. Corporate clients can use this innovative and award-winning product to meet their sustainability commitments, engage with employees and impress stakeholders, while having all the benefits of a high-performance credit card. This small card can make a huge difference in making this world a better one to live and do business in.

The award-winning Climate Credit Card is a global first. It calculates the CO2 emissions of all purchased goods and services, provides the card user with the greenhouse gas reporting of his transactions, and neutralises all emissions with high-quality offsetting projects. Please click here to find out how Cornèrcard has expanded this service/em>

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