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Office World – Taking the lead on carbon compensation

As the leading multi-channel provider of office supplies and solutions in Switzerland, Office World has taken a step forward by implementing a CO2 compensation programme across their products and services.

Based in Switzerland and known for their experience in providing global office supplies, Office World’s commitment to the environment has taken the next step.

The company is dedicated to three core principles: consistently reducing emissions; communicating transparently; and taking environmental responsibility. However, the challenge of launching a comprehensive CO2 compensation programme often depends on choosing the right partner for success in achieving your sustainability ambitions.

The Challenge

Office World believes that the world needs to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and that companies now have a core responsibility to help shift the world to a low-carbon future. They sought out a partner with expertise in climate solutions, after becoming aware of the emissions produced during the stages of their manufacture and delivery. They recognised the need to provide customers with transparent insights into the carbon footprint of their purchases, as well as an opportunity for them to compensate for these emissions. The option to robustly and effectively calculate those emissions proved an essential element in kickstarting Office World's climate journey.

The solution

Detailed calculations and expert advice were essential for Office World to reach their reduction targets: this is how the partnership with South Pole was born. With South Pole's Climate Click solution, customers now have the option to compensate for their entire purchase and the total CO2 compensation required is detailed on each individual product page. Easy user experience – alongside encouraging customers to opt for the sustainable option – is a high priority for Office World; South Pole knew how to cater to this.

The early results

The implementation of South Pole’s Climate Click solution in Office World has had a transformative impact on the products they offer. Early results have shown that 10% of B2B and 5% of B2C customers choose the option to compensate for their entire purchase. The Climate Click option is not only highly visible in the checkout process, displaying the monetary amount required to compensate for emissions; it also gives customers a clear picture of their order’s footprint. By prioritising sustainability, and enabling customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their orders, Office World believes their products have become more environmentally friendly through this initiative and put a firm emphasis on contributing towards a low-carbon future. The implementation of South Pole’s Climate Click solution marks an important step in Office World’s climate journey.


"Our product-specific CO2 compensation model is positively received by our customers and contributes to the achievement of our climate protection goals."

Erik Svensson, Head of E-Commerce, Office World

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Michael Eder - Business Development Lead DACH, Digital Climate Solutions
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