Climate Leaders Programme

Realise climate opportunities, deal with climate risks and meet growing investor demands for increased transparency with our Climate Leaders Programme

Our Climate Leaders Programme combines four interlinked elements that allow corporates to align their greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets with the goals of the Paris Agreement and prepare to disclose against the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

By assessing risks and opportunities through TCFD-aligned, forward-looking scenario analysis, setting Science Based Targets (SBTs), and developing strategies to reduce emissions and adapt to changing weather patterns, you can position your business to realise climate opportunities, deal with climate risks and meet growing investor demands for increased transparency.

Four interlinked elements that allow corporates to align their greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets with the goals of the Paris Agreement

Why become a Climate Leader?

Our leadership programme ensures your business...

… is future-proofed.
By applying state-of-the-art climate data and scenario modelling to understand the exposure of your assets to the physical and transition risks of climate change, we help you minimise disruption, reduce costs and seize the opportunities of a low-carbon economy.

… demonstrates vision and inspires others.
Ensuring GHG reduction efforts are grounded in the latest science and consistent with the Paris goals differentiates your business, products, and services from your competitors and sends a clear message to your customers and employees that sustainability is key.

… delivers best value emissions reductions and adaptation actions.
We support you to develop tailor-made roadmaps of GHG reduction and adaptation actions that identify and capitalize on the ideal mix of no-cost and low-cost opportunities in the short-, medium- and long-term.

… reassures investors that you are ahead of the curve.
Our long-term perspective, integrated approach and team of financial experts give you the framework to reassure investors that you are ready for the swiftly changing climate and decarbonising economy.


The four elements of our leadership programme

Science-based GHG emissions reduction target

Our GHG modelling team helps you set Science Based Targets which align with the Paris Agreement and sectoral industry goals. Our energy efficiency and renewable energy teams ensure these are financially achievable and technically feasible. We help you:

  • Review historic GHG emissions to determine a baseline and appropriate emission sources and boundaries
  • Choose a suitable accounting methodology
  • Set targets that align with your business priorities
  • Report and register your targets with Science Based Targets (SBT)

Find out more about setting Science Based Targets


Scenario creation and risk analysis

Our in-house climate modelling team assesses your operations and supply chain for exposure to physical and transition risks under suitable decarbonisation scenarios over a series of timescales, using best-in-class climate and proprietorial carbon policy data. Our services include:

  • Identify which assets are most exposed to water shortages and changes in temperature and precipitation globally
  • Assess the financial impact of climate policy, carbon taxes and emission trading schemes (ETS) on assets in your portfolio, operations and supply chains
  • Produce heatmaps of scenario-based business risks

Find out more about scenario creation and risk analysis


GHG emissions reduction strategy

Our expert corporate advisory team helps you develop a GHG reduction strategy aligned with your chosen targets, corporate vision, budget and decision making process, including:

  • Renewable energy sourcing, including on-site generation, renewable energy certificates (RECs), and PPAs
  • Energy efficiency initiatives, paying special attention to no-cost and low-cost measures
  • Analysing the value chain for emission sources and GHG emissions reduction and carbon project development opportunities
  • Recommendations on mitigating policy and liability risks

Adaptation strategy

Our team of adaptation experts will help you develop a resilience strategy for your operations and supply chain taking into account the most significant impacts of climate change, arising from temperature rises and precipitation changes, including:

  • Longlist of major physical risks in operations & supply chains, including heat waves, flooding and water stress
  • Recommendations on suitable resilience options to mitigate risks


Media, Publication, and Reports

Below you can access additional information and background information related to the Climate Leaders Programme.

Webinar Recording and Background Documentation

South Pole Publication

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