Co-Benefits, Sustainability and Biodiversity

Co-Benefits and sustainability indicators are becoming evermore important for all different aspects of climate action. South Pole has made its name as a developer of premium emission reduction projects and is a major supporter of standards that heavily emphasize co-benefits, such as the UNFCCC's CDM Development Benefits, the Gold Standard, Social Carbon, ICROA or CCBS.

Applying our experience with assessing, documenting and reporting co-benefits under various standards, we have developed a set of MRV solutions for co-benefits, sustainability, biodiversity and other non-carbon indicators.

We support:

  • SBIA assessments for REDD+ projects
  • GS passport parameters
  • SC indicators
  • your own indicators for co-benefits
  • integration with other software tools such as Miradi
  • mobile data entry

We strive to address the following co-benefits with our solutions:


Improvements in clean electricity and water generation, upgraded household appliances and ameliorated transportation systems.


Improvements in health conditions and reduction of diseases,construction or refurbishment of hospitals


Donations to educational activities and initiatives, improvements in school buildings and materia

Supporting the local economy

Creation of new jobs, support for training as well as provision of materials and services.

Household savings / Livelihoods

Time savings and financial savings for members of the community, improvement in social benefits such as pension and medical insurance

Environment & Biodiversity

Reduced firewood consumption, support for safeguarding endangered species


Increased amount of people benefitting from training and education

Land Use & Agriculture

Additional agricultural yields, increase in hectares of land with improved soil fertilizer

Women empowerment

Improvements in women's control over income and assets, enhanced capacities in decision making, amount of women benefitting from improved health, time savings and education

We also recommend

Climate change
Forest & Land use


Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

Transparent and reliable verification of GHG mitigation

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