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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

From everyone at South Pole, we wish you good health during this holiday season and all the best for 2021. Read on or chat with our bot to find out how we traded in red for green this year!

We wanted to end this challenging year on a high by doing something positive for the planet. After all, creating more impactful alternatives to business as usual is in our DNA! So this year, we wanted to go a step further again than going digital with our holiday greeting card.

As an international team, many of us will travel to our respective families over the holidays – COVID permitting – sometimes via planes, often on trains and, for our Swiss colleagues, on skis! Family time is important, but the holiday fun can come at a heavy price to the environment. So we wanted to take responsibility for our impact and, at the same time, spread the festive spirit well beyond the 'South Pole iceberg.'

We scoped the carbon footprint of all 667 South Pole employees over the holiday period – including travel (reindeer-powered sleigh excluded), energy consumption, meals, gifts and expected waste – which came to a total of 439.7 tonnes of CO2*. That's 650kg CO2 per employee!

* The calculations for the South Pole holiday footprint have been done internally, without third party verification. They are based on inhouse research and available data. Reasonable assumptions and estimates were used where data has been missing.


Think providing services instead of giving goods


Go for local brands or thrift vintage gifts


Recycle wrapping paper or skip it all together


Start your own fundraising campaign and donate the proceeds to your favourite charity

We are compensating for our carbon emissions by supporting the certified climate action projects below. By doing so, we can ensure that the 'holiday footprint' of our global team is completely climate neutral.

(You can read all about our own climate action efforts all year round in our latest sustainability report!)

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