Our best-in-class labels are accelerating ambition, and instantly recognisable.

South Pole offers Climate Neutrality labels for:

  • companies
  • products
  • events

and Renewable Electricity labels for

  • companies
  • events

The South Pole labels are closely aligned with international standards such as PAS 2060 - the leading international standard for demonstrating carbon neutrality, developed in 2014 by the British Standards Institution (BSi).

The underlying greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting must follow recognised international standards such as the GHG Protocol or ISO 14064-1.

In addition, South Pole also offers a "Climate Conscious" label for organisations that take climate action without achieving climate neutrality or purchasing renewable electricity.

How can your organisation receive a South Pole label?

To find out how you can meet the required standards to use one of our labels, please contact us or refer to our Technical Guidance.

Label Name Aligned with international standards Boundary
Renewable Electricity Label Yes, closely aligned to RE 100 Covers all consumed electricity
Climate Neutral Company Label Yes, closely aligned to PAS 2060 Covers emissions from company operations, but excludes emissions from products such as raw materials, use of products and end-of-life treatment of sold products
Climate Neutral Product Label Yes, closely aligned to PAS 2060 Covers emissions from a product's life cycle
Climate Neutral Event Label Yes, closely aligned to PAS 2060 Covers emissions from events, including the attendees
Climate Neutral Event Organisation Label No, but aligned with the CarbonNeutral Protocol Covers emissions from the organisation of an event, excluding the attendees
Climate Concious Label No Boundary Covers any emissions that the reporting entity defines and offsets with South Pole certified carbon credits

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