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Zentralafrikanische Republik

Zentralafrikanische Republik
Forest Protection

Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung

No Poverty

Financial support for community members

58 farmers, 27 soap-makers 45 schoolteachers and 3 medical staff supported

Decent work and economic growth

255 new permanent jobs

created for local people

Reduced Inequalities

Employees are paid well above national average

and African Parks is largest employer in the region

Climate Action

2 million tonnes of CO2 kept from entering the atmosphere

between 2016-2020

Life on land

24,300 km2 of intact ecosystems protected

including undisturbed wooded savannah and tropical rainforest

The Solution

In 2014, African Parks signed a 50-year mandate with Government, marking a long-term commitment to protecting biodiversity and creating a safe haven for local communities. With the injection of results-based funding through carbon credits, the African Parks has been able to commit long terms conservation investments in management, infrastructure, law enforcement, land and wildlife rehabilitation and communities. In 2020 it was agreed to expand African Parks area of management to about 50,000 km2.


The Impact

An active dialogue with and management of transhumance herders has moved the cattle out of the core conservation area and allowed it to regenerate and strengthen its spectacular wildlife and biodiversity. To date, one of the park's flagship species, lions, have risen in numbers from a few in 2017 to over 30 by 2019. Carbon finance will allow for the expansion of the protected area towards 50,000 km2 and at the same time will also facilitate African Parks to make further community impact, in terms of security, employment, education and health care.

More details can be found of African Parks' website here.

We work with the following partner on this project:

We work with the following partner on this project:

African Parks is a non-profit conservation organization that takes on direct responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of protected areas in partnership with governments and local communities.

Established as an African solution to Africa's conservation challenges, African Parks is in charge of implementation.

Project ID: 302700
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