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Magnolias Forest Conservation

Landmark community action to protect Colombia’s critically endangered magnolias


Past practices of overgrazing and unsustainable agriculture have left deep scars on Colombia's natural landscape. Due to the vicious cycle of land degradation, communities struggling to support themselves and their families are faced with little choice other than to clear more forest, in search of fertile land to grow crops and graze their livestock. Limited investment and opportunities in rural areas is a persistent challenge for remote communities in Colombia.

Forest Protection

Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung

Quality Education

57 education initiatives set up

strengthening environmental education in rural communities

Decent work and economic growth

6 local people employed

by the project in conservation

Climate Action

8,000 tonnes of CO2e avoided 

on average each year

Life on land

7,457 hectares protected

of unique cloud forest habitat

The Solution

Located in the northern Antioquia region of Colombia, this project is spearheading efforts to protect several critically endangered plant species, with a key focus on safeguarding the region's endemic Magnolia trees. Preserving fauna as well as flora, the project aims to protect key stone wildlife, including two famed big cats - the puma and the jaguar. As one of the first of it's kind in Colombia, the project brings together a diverse network of stakeholders: working closely with 75 local farmers, 3 private foundations, across 120 land plots. This landscape-level approach results in protecting over 2,500 hectares of ecologically-rich cloud forest. 


The Impact

Rural communities, as true knowledge holders of the region, are integral to the project's success. By tapping into their traditional ecological knowledge and supporting them in protecting their land, the project aims to produce win-win outcomes both for local people and the environment. 

Project ID: 302345
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