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Lake Turkana Wind Power

A pioneering large-scale wind farm that delivers significant community benefits


Kenya is currently one of the only six countries worldwide with a greenhouse gas emission trajectory aligned with 2ºC or below. And it's on track to reach 100% renewable energy goal. As of 2020, just 6.7% of purchased power comes from fossil fuels, with the rest coming from renewable sources. While this is a significant achievement, wind energy remains largely untapped. Unlocking the potential through innovation and investment will ensure the country meets its targets and increases electrification in a sustainable manner.


Sustainable Development Goals

Good Health and Well-Being

Access to health services will be improved

by upgrading physical infrastructure of hospitals and health centers via 10 local projects

Quality Education

12 education facilities will be supported

enabling students to improve academic performance and develop vocational skills

Clean Water and Sanitation

3,000 people benefit

from improved access to clean water thanks to digging and equipping boreholes in different areas

Affordable and Clean Energy

1,248,000 MWh of clean energy*

sent to the grid on average each year

Decent work and economic growth

New employment opportunities created*

for local people consisting 500 jobs during the construction phase and 200 long-term positions to run the project

Climate Action

736,000 tonnes of CO2e*

mitigated on average each year

The Solution

The Lake Turkana Wind Power project area is located between the foot slopes of Mount Kulal and the south-eastern end of Lake Turkana in Marsabit County, Kenya. The site has been carefully selected due to the unique temperature fluctuations, which create strong reliable winds with an annual average speed of 10.8 m/s. The wind farm consists of 365 V52 Vestas turbines, each with a capacity of 850 kW, totalling 310.25 MW. The turbine model was selected as the most appropriate to the local conditions as the operating system is less impacted by heat and dust compared to other models. The wind farm is connected to the Kenyan national grid at Suswa substation via a 438km long newly constructed 400kV transmission line currently operated at 220kV.


The Impact

The Lake Turkana wind farm makes a significant contribution to the renewable energy mix of the Kenyan grid by lowering dependence on fossil-fuel power plants, especially those installed as emergency power provisions. Beyond the environmental benefits of reducing harmful emissions, the project owners established the Winds of Change Non-Governmental Organization (WoC) which aims to catalyze the sustainable development of local communities neighboring the windfarm by promoting education, health and access to clean water. Since June 2015, WoC has instigated multiple projects benefiting schools in the area such as providing desks, books and stationery to 25 primary schools in Laisamis Constituency. Additionally WoC has set up laboratories at Nyiro Girls Secondary School and Korole Boys Secondary School, two classrooms at the Loiyangalani Youth Polytechnic; a dormitory at Nyiro Boys Secondary School and has provided enhanced access to electricity by installing a solar system at Mt. Kulal Girls Secondary School. The Project has also brought with it wider infrastructure development, including the construction of a 200 km road between Laisamis and Sarima and the restoration of the 208km C77 Road which has shortened the travel time between Laisamiss and Loiyangalani. Moreover, the project has increased access to safe water by restoring existing boreholes and installing and repairing water pipelines and water kiosks, which save people walking up to 28km a day to collect water.

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