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Lan Dokmai Biogas

Ziele: Turning starch into energy in Thailand

The project involves an enclosed anaerobic wastewater treatment facility at a starch manufacturing plant.

Only a few years ago, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages could smell the open lagoons used for clearing the starch wastewater. Today, not only has the local air and water quality improved significantly but at the same time the starch plant has managed to reduce its fossil fuel use by up to 4700 litres per day.

In addition, the project and the resulting carbon revenue has generated jobs for locals and supported social and educational activities in the community.

Before the installation of this project wastewater from the plant was treated through cascading open lagoons. These open lagoons alloweded methane, a strong greenhouse gas, to be released into the atmosphere

As a result of the project activity, the methane is now captured and fed to a gas engine. The gas engine produces electricity that is utilised in the starch drying process. This means that emissions reduction project has a double effect; keeping methane from heating up our climate and at the same time avoiding the burning of thousands of tons of fossil fuel per year.

Socio-economic impact

  • 17 new jobs have been created
  • The clean water from the new wastewater cycle allows for fish farming and irrigation of nearby fields
  • Workers receive training on modern technologies and can increase their knowledge and skills
  • Air quality improved and significant reduction in foul odours from methandrelease

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