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Feeding the future: A guide to taking ambitious climate action in the food sector

Feeding the future: A guide to taking ambitious climate action in the food sector

From identifying emission hotspots to developing credible climate claims - everything food producers and retailers need to know about corporate climate action.

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The number and ambition of climate commitments in the food sector is increasing – all the way from farmers to retailers

The past decade has seen increased attention on our food systems, our use of land, and agriculture's carbon sequestration potential. Carbon removals from forests, soil, and engineered solutions have a crucial role to play in achieving net zero by 2050. Yet, the question remains: how should businesses implement, measure, and track climate action, and meet the climate commitments we so urgently need to address the scale of the challenge ahead?


"Reducing carbon emissions, biodiversity loss and water risks in complex supply chains will require an overhaul of an entire system of value and stakeholders – and this is where food companies can and must be a force for positive change."

Karine Basso, Associate Director, Agricultural Value Chains

Feeding the future
A guide to taking ambitious climate action in the food sector

Read more about:

  • How to measure emissions in agricultural value chains
  • Five key areas for emissions reduction - from product strategy to plastic packaging
  • How leading companies, such as Heineken and Innocent are tackling challenges on their way to net zero

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