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Climate Huddle

Designed for small and medium businesses, Climate Huddle is our way of bringing climate action to absolutely everyone.

Climate Huddle is an online education hub for small and medium businesses where you can learn from the leaders and the beginners, in your sector and beyond.

It's our way of helping your business through the climate journey, and the jargon.

In Climate Huddle's community, you can read educational blogs, attend webinars, ask questions, find answers and be supported through every step of your climate journey. Connect with others for help with sticky problems – and get the guidance you need to apply those tried and tested solutions.


Coaching Calls

Our coaching calls let you talk to an expert 1:1 to help you figure out where you're at and how to make progress along your climate journey.


Climate Course

Climate Course is an integrated fast-track program that allows you to learn with a cohort of peers as you complete every step of the climate journey directly supported by experts.


Climate Ready

Climate Ready takes you through your climate journey with a self-serve software tool. It walks you through the steps of calculating, roadmapping, reducing, and compensating with prompts along the way.


Who is eligible to join Climate Huddle?

Climate Huddle is designed for small and medium businesses with up to 500 employees. You must be a member of the Huddle Community to apply for a coaching call (it's really easy and free to join).

How much does it cost?

Coaching calls and joining the Huddle Community are both free.

When will I hear from the Climate Huddle team if I’ve been successful after applying for a coaching call?

You will hear from us within 7 business days.

What happens if I have additional questions after the coaching call?

You'll have access to the Huddle Community as well as a private group where you can ask questions and chat with a climate action coach.

I haven’t started my climate journey yet, can I still join the community or book a coaching call?

The Huddle Community is here to help you get started and supported you along the way. You can ask questions, read our blogs at any time to help guide your climate journey. Our coaching calls are designed to help guide you from wherever you are at (but you need to be a member of the community to have a coaching call).


Climate Huddle

Join our climate action community and get educated by our experts.

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