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Yuliana Serna

Yuliana Serna

Yuliana Serna is the Lead Specialist on Adaptation and Alternative Blue Carbon Ecosystems to Mangroves in South Pole. Her main goal in the company is to promote resilient economic growth and social well-being in highly dynamic climates and landscapes. Before joining South Pole in 2018, Yuliana has been a fellow for a decade in several institutions; the NSF of America, ACGGP Colombia, STRI Pamana, and CEMarin, on topics related to ecosystem evolution on coastal and riparian settings, climate change, and ecological risk assessment. She had the opportunity to serve in the technical secretariat for the Nodo Regional Antioquia de Cambio Climático (Colombia), and in VCS projects of the country. She is PhDc in Marine Sciences of the Interinstitutional Doctorate Program of Colombia and has a Bs in Biology from the University of Antioquia, and specific formation in Geosciences of Eafit University.

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