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Case Study: Chooose Empowers Individuals and Brand

Chooose is helping both individuals and brands become 'climate positive' by promoting easy ways to offset emissions. By partnering with South Pole, Chooose has access to a global portfolio of emission reduction projects that meet their clients' needs, reduce global emissions, and contribute to sustainable development.

The goal

An 'impacts first' company, Chooose measures its progress by the tonnes of CO2 reduced per week. Chooose aims to reach 150 000 tonnes of CO2 by the end of 2018 and outperform the municipality of Oslo, Norway, in terms of its emission reduction investments as the European Green Capital in 2019.

Customer engagement is equally important for Chooose, which is why the Norwegian startup focuses on positive narratives and on providing the easiest possible solutions for individuals to offset their emissions.

The challenge

Chooose's priority is to ensure the quality and quantity of the carbon credits it purchases to meet its emission reduction goals and to create positive impacts beyond carbon reductions. Robust estimates for an average individual carbon footprint in different countries was also important in informing the types of offset packages Chooose offers.

The solution

Chooose is able to achieve its targets by tapping into South Pole's broad portfolio of high-quality offsets with a large choice of technologies, locations, social co-benefits and carbon standards. Thanks to the continuous client support offered by South Pole, Chooose is able to select projects that align with the needs of its clients and rely on South Pole's expertise in transacting carbon credits.

Get to know Chooose's CEO & Co-Founder, Andreas Svettoll. We interviewed him for our blog, here!

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