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Salavatlı Geothermal Energy

Powering Turkey with sustainable thermal energy from the Earth's centre


The Salavatlı region has good potential for geothermal energy production, but the high cost of research needed to boost Turkey's geothermal sector has historically prevented its development. This project in west Turkey is the nation's first geothermal enterprise developed by the private sector – made economically viable by the sale of carbon credits.


Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

Affordable and Clean Energy

51,000 MWh of clean electricity

generated for the grid on average annually

Decent work and economic growth

25 permanent jobs

creaand 100 temporary jobs created during the construction period

Responsible consumption and production

Repurposed waste heat

delivered to regional greenhouses, facilitating sustainable greenhouse agriculture

Climate Action

30,000 tonnes of CO2e

reduced on average annually, contributing to global climate change mitigation efforts

The Solution

Located on the southern hillside of the Aydın Mountains, this project generates renewable, geothermal power with a thermal fluid pumping system. The fluid is first pumped up to the surface through production wells in the surrounding Aydın Sultanhisar-Salavatlı geothermal field. It then passes through a heat exchanger, after which it is vaporised to generate electricity via a turbine and generator. The heat discharged after the power generation is supplied to regional greenhouses, and any leftover geothermal fluid is re-injected into the reservoir. This creates a closed production cycle that avoids greenhouse gas emissions.


The Impact

This project proves the viability of grid-connected renewable energy projects in Turkey and is an outstanding example for other investors who might be looking to make the most of the country’s geothermal potential. Beyond the environmental benefits of displacing polluting, fossil fuel-generated electricity, and the economic benefits of boosting the Turkish renewables sector, this project also offers advantages to nearby communities, providing temporary and permanent jobs to local people.

Project ID: 300272