Clean Drinking Water Projects


Access to safe drinking water is a prerequisite for economic and social development. South Pole Group is specialised in results-based financing approaches to effectively provide safe drinking water to communities in need.

Quantified and certified results from our high-quality water projects offer transparent and communicable benefits, for both public donors and private companies. They also provide real positive impacts on the ground. We set up drinking water projects for farmers and employees along corporates' operations and supply chains. This helps to guarantee a healthy and committed workforce, and to ensure the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders.

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of deaths are attributed to diarrheal diseases due to unsafe drinking water and inadequate sanitation and hygiene. The victims are mainly children younger than five years in developing countries. By the time water is available for consumption, it is often highly contaminated, collected from unimproved sources and transported in dirty containers. In many communities, the only option for improving water is to boil it. Unfortunately, however, boiling water requires fuel, mostly in the form of firewood. This is expensive, contributes to deforestation and accelerates global climate change by emitting carbon dioxide.

The use of alternative water treatment methods, or the provision of safe drinking water sources combined with intensive hygiene promotion, significantly reduces diarrheal diseases. It also contributes to better public health and decreased child mortality. Alternative technologies to provide safe water in developing countries include household water filters, communal chlorine dispensers or solar disinfection just to name a few. Compared with conventional boiling, most alternative technologies reduce carbon dioxide emissions and contribute to the global efforts to mitigate climate change. The results can be certified, e.g. as carbon credits or Water Benefit Certificates under the Water Benefit Standard.

South Pole Group offers innovative results-based financing approaches for safe drinking water projects. Businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of community wellbeing and natural resource management for a sustainable business case. They are taking respective action. We design and implement drinking water projects for communities around the world on behalf of both public donors and the private sector. By reducing water borne diseases and childhood mortality, the projects foster sustainable development. This impact strengthens private sector value chains by improving the lives of communities that form part of these value chains. Thanks to our monitoring and certification solutions, and the quantification and certification of positive impacts, achieved results can be communicated in a transparent, tangible and engaging manner.

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