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Using corporate climate action as a force for good

Forward-looking companies recognize that business resilience is directly linked to environmental resilience. That is why Hilton is driving responsible travel through its Travel with Purpose commitment to double the company's investment in social impact and cut its environmental footprint in half by 2030.

With an industry-leading pledge to fight climate change, Hilton is proud to have been the first major hotel brand to set science-based carbon reduction targets aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement. Hilton is reducing emissions from its managed and franchised hotels, and offsets 100% of its corporate emissions from air travel and rental cars. In addition, Hilton has partnered with South Pole to offer carbon neutral meetings for clients hosting events at Hilton hotels around the world.

Carbon offsets for meetings and events

Using the company's LightStay corporate responsibility management system, Hilton provides a detailed estimate of the carbon emissions associated with a specific meeting or event at its hotels. South Pole and Hilton can provide clients with carbon neutral meetings by investing in high quality carbon reduction projects that are aligned with multiple of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and Hilton's 2030 Goals. All of the projects selected for Hilton's portfolio are either Gold Standard Verified Emissions Reductions or Verified Carbon Standard projects. Carbon offsets are a key component of Hilton's sustainable meeting offering, Meet with Purpose.

For more information about Travel with Purpose and Hilton's 2030 Goals, please visit the company's Corporate Responsibility website. Image showing Hilton 51,029 Metric tons CO2 offset to date

South Pole Projects supported by Hilton

Bachu Biomass Project

Rwanda Borehole Project


The lack of safe water typically leads to poor sanitation, hygiene and health, meaning it is a huge often but overlooked driver of poverty. In rural areas, people may have to walk long distances to fetch water and boil it over wood fires to purify it. This Gold Standard certified project addresses these daily challenges by repairing and maintaining existing boreholes, increasing access to safe water sources.

water project gold standard

South Pole Kariba Project

Dora 2

Dora II Project


This project involves the construction of a geothermal power plant in western Turkey that harnesses heat from deep within the earth to generate clean, emissions-free geothermal energy for the national grid. This Gold Standard certified project reduces Turkey's reliance on imported fossil fuel, improving energy security while reducing emissions and contributing to regional sustainable development.

gold standard geothermal project

Crow Lake Wind Project

South Dakota, USA

Spanning 36,000 acres in South Dakota, this wind power project is a product of innovative community collaboration between 3 parties. In total the wind farm comprises 108 turbines, Basin Electric Power Cooperative (BEPC) owns 100; a group of south Dakotans, South Dakotan Wind Partners own 7; and 1 is owned by Mitchell Technical Institute (MTI). The Verified Carbon Standard Crow Lake Wind project harnesses the wind to power homes with clean electricity, displacing energy generated from fossil fuel power plants.

wind project VCS standard

Crow Lake Wind Project

Mytrah Wind Project

Mytrah Wind Power


This wind energy project in the Indian states of Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana tackles climate change by providing a renewable source of electricity to the Indian Grid. The Verified Carbon Standard project also benefits surrounding villages – providing employment, boosting access to education and to clean water.

VCS standard Wind project

Kornburi Wastewater Treatment Project

Kornburi District, Thailand

The Verified Carbon Standard Kornburi Wastewater Treatment Project is located at a tapioca starch processing plantin Kornburi District in Northern Thailand. Biogas from wastewater is captured and burned to generate electricity and heat that powers the factory, preventing approximately 39,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year.

VCS standard wastewater project
General Starch Project

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