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Aura Solar I

Objective: Aura Solar I is part of the Aura Solar initiative, which aims to develop large-scale photovoltaic projects by capitalising on Mexico's high solar potential.

Aura Solar I is one of the largest PV solar plant in Latin America and the first private utility-scale project to be developed under the Aura Solar initiative ("Iniciativa Aura Solar"). Aura Solar I is also one of the first Latin American renewable energy plants to be registered under the I-REC Code. The solar power plant meets the energy needs of 164,000 people (64% of the population of La Paz) and replaces fossil fuels for electricity production, which for years was the cause of food poisoning and air pollution.

How this project improves lives

  • 250 job opportunities have been created, with the majority of workers being sourced from local communities
  • The project has led to regional infrastructure improvements in direct alignment with the national goals and objectives livestock, rural development, fishing and nutrition.
  • Aura Solar I has positioned Mexico a global leader in green energy by creating a market for solar investors and promoting the steady growth of the Mexican renewable energy market.
  • The project significantly reduces the emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and protects the Sea of Cortez, which is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, from pollution.

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