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Changbin and Taichung Wind Power

Objective: Harnessing Coastal Wind Power for Taiwan

The Changbin and Taichung Wind Project is located on the west coast of Taiwan. Its electricity production is enough to supply clean renewable energy to over 86,300 households which would otherwise be supplied with unsustainable power derived from fossil fuels. Up to 98% of Taiwan's energy is imported, which creates significant economic and energy security risk. This project contributes to Taiwan's economic sustainability by reducing the dependency on fossil fuel imports. It also contributes to the further development of the wind energy sector in Taiwan.

The two wind farms have a total of 62 wind turbines, generating over 300,500 MWh clean electricity per year.

This project demonstrates the capacity of wind farms to create substantial local renewable energy, improve energy security and air quality, and enhance local livelihoods.


  • The Changbin and Taichung wind farms not only produce clean and renewable energy, they also provide several socioeconomic and environmental benefits. As a GoldStandard project, community and secondary environmental benefits are measured and verified regularly.
  • The project provides clean energy to thousands of people whilst avoiding the upstream environmental and health impacts of fossil-fuel extraction, processing and distribution such as respiratory illness and acid rain.
  • The wind farms have helped to boost the local economy in the remote fishing villages where they are located, and have created local employment during their construction and operation.
  • The project has also facilitated technology and know-how transfer, as the employees are trained by the German wind turbine manufacturer Enercon on maintenance, safety and operation.
  • The project owner is providing ongoing support to students through the provision of 10 scholarships annually, and has increased environmental awareness by organising wind farm tours for high school and university students. The project owner is very involved in local community actions, sponsoring care campaigns for elderly and socially vulnerable residents, and environmental events, such as beach cleaning and carbon reduction demonstration activities.
Coastal cleaning with local communities

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