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Forest Regeneration

Objective: By introducing hardy tree species, a sustainable forest is created on previously degraded farmland in the region of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. This encourages renewed vitality to an area of the Cerrado Savannah which is internationally recognised as a biodiversity hotspot.

The Context

Renowned as the world's richest savannah in life forms, the Cerrado is home to countless endangered and vulnerable species. Among these, more than 5,000 can only be found within the boundaries of this biome in Brazil. Considering the totality of this rich variety, it means that the Cerrado protects 5% of all the species in the world and three out of every ten Brazilian species. The relatively minuscule area currently under official protection in Brazil means that urgent measures are needed to create more federal, state, municipal and private protected areas.

The Project

The Fazenda São Paulo Forestry project covers 1,055 hectares of private farmland within the Mato Grosso do Sul region, primarily characterized by this environmentally significant Cerrado Savannah. Land previously degraded by irrational cattle farming is reforested with two Eucalyptus species with regenerative properties. To date, over 1,750,000 trees have been planted, establishing a sustainable forest with a range of long term environmental and community benefits.

The Benefits

This project ensures a significant increase in tree productivity compared to previously degraded grassland. The regenerative, healthy forest improves soil quality and water flows and reduces erosion, inviting significant vulnerable species to repopulate the area. Reforestation and upkeep of the project area also creates employment opportunities and encourages a more stable and technically skilled labour force. Thanks to the specialization of tasks and the increased qualifications available, workers have experienced a wage increase, with consequent benefits to their families.

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