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Guanyin Wind Power

Objective: Benefiting the community by reducing Taiwan's dependence on fuel imports and providing clean renewable energy.

Taiwan has a significant reliance on fossil fuel imports to supply energy to its population. Millions of tonnes of gas, coal and oil are shipped in every year to provide power to it's people.

This project, located in Taoyuan-Guanyi, comprises 19 wind turbines which provide over 140,000 Megawatt hours of clean energy per year. This is the equivalent of approximately 38,654 households.

How this project improves lives

  • Reduces the greenhouse gas emissions in Taiwan by replacing fossil fuel based power generation
  • Produces clean, renewable energy that contributes to alleviate the global warming
  • Creating employment opportunities both during the construction and operation
  • Training locals in maintenance, safety and operational matters
  • Reducing harmful pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide

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