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Midtfyn Biogas

Clean renewable energy from local organic waste for the national gas grid


Around 75% of the biomass used at Midtfyn Biogas is manure, while the remaining, roughly, 25% is municipal waste, including from local restaurants and supermarkets

The context

When organic matter, such as manure or harvest residue from agricultural and municipal waste is left to decompose freely, harmful greenhouse gases such as methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are released into the atmosphere. With the move towards a low-carbon economy more pressing than ever, biogas is a clean, climate-smart alternative to fossil fuels that can help power this transition.

The project

Located on Funen, Denmark's third largest island, the Midtfyn Biogas project involves a co-digesting plant handling up to 500,000 tonnes of waste per year. Other than cattle manure, other sources of biomass include municipal, commercial and industrial waste. Once purified through a water scrubber, clean biogas is fed into the national gas grid as a climate-smart alternative to natural gas. The project owner, has carefully considered the social and environmental impacts of the biogas plant, which is regularly checked for gas leakages, features filters to prevent odours and clean the air, and is designed to blend into the surrounding landscape.

The benefits

The Midtfyn Biogas project helps to reduce harmful emissions that contribute to climate change by capturing and converting greenhouse gases into a clean, alternative energy source. Additionally, the project creates a waste management system for local farmers, supporting the local agriculture sector. Biogas plants such as this one help to consolidate the renewable energy industry in Europe and contribute to low-carbon development by reducing fossil fuel dependence with a clean and viable alternative.

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