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Paradigm Project

Objective: This multi-technology project distributes both cooking stoves and water purification devices to local communities. Its aim is to provide safe water and clean indoor air to improve livelihoods in East Africa, while at the same time limiting deforestation and delivering a multitude of community benefits

The Context

Most Kenyan households spend a significant portion of their time and income acquiring fuel for cooking and water boiling. The continual collection of firewood by Kenyan populations results in the exhaustion of wood supplies around townships in Paradigm target populations. Many people are forced to travel further from the town (upwards of 15km) to collect fuel. In the worst cases, mothers are gone for many hours, causing difficulty for children and nursing infants.

The Project

This project distributes efficient and clean household energy and safe water technologies. Due to more efficient stoves and clean water provision, families require less wood fuel for water purification and cooking - thereby reducing pressures on surrounding forests. Replacing traditional cooking methods with locally manufactured cookstoves reduces fuel use by about 50%, while decreasing toxic emissions by up to 70%. To date, over 65,000 modern, highly efficient cookstoves have been delivered.

The Benefits

These improved cookstoves enable households to save up to 15% of their household income for food, school fees and other vital needs. Improved indoor air quality significantly reduces respiratory diseases and pneumonia. Safe water filters and community dispensers improve access to clean and affordable drinking water, thereby decreasing water-borne diseases. The project creates jobs for locals and empowers women by creating financial and time savings that can be repurposed in ways that better their families' lives.

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