Improving lives with renewable energy

The Pizhou Biomass Plant uses agricultural waste residues to supply renewable electricity to the East China Power Grid. Prior to the construction of the power plant agricultural residues were left to decay or burned in the open air.

The context

With China's rapid economic expansion over the past 30 years, the demand for power sees no sign of slowing down. Reports have suggested that government plants to halt building new coal power plants have been cancelled by the provincial government approving construction that would see China's coal power capacity increase by 25%. Therefore renewable energy plants are hugely important both in supporting China's transition to cleaner sources of energy and to reach global emission reduction targets. The project feeds into the East China Power Grid, which is mainly supplied from traditional fossil fuel-fired power plants.

The project

The Jiangsu Pizhou Biomass Power Plant generates renewable energy from local biomass residues, mainly wheat straw, maize stalks and wood. The project involves installing one 130t/h boiler and one 30 MW steam turbine generator. Annually, these convert around 260,000 tonnes of biomass, collected from the surrounding area into electricity to the East China Power Grid (ECPG).

The benefits

The project contributes to grid stabilization and the diversification of energy supply sources, away from coal power plants in particular. It is estimated that the project will reduce emissions by 142,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents per year and the benefits of a closed loop system help to pave the way for green development in the Jiangsu Province. The sale of biomass residues provides local farmers with an additional income stream and also reduces local pollution from this residue being dumped or burnt uncontrollably.

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