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Cáceres and Cravo Norte restoration of degraded land

Objective: This pioneering forestry project entails permanent reforestation and long-term monitoring of parts of Colombia's northeast and northwest, with a particular focus on biodiversity. The project seeks to promote sustainable management of forest resources in areas degraded by cattle grazing and mining, in a manner that fosters natural regeneration.

The Context

Devastated by years of open-cast alluvial gold mining and destructive livestock farming practices in the remote Colombian regions of Cáceres, Antioquia, Cravo Norte and Arauca, the survival of the natural capital and biodiversity of these two important tropical forest regions was severely threatened.

The Project

In opposition to the common practice of reforestation through planting monocultures for tree plantations, this project is aimed at restoring a real forest, with a focus on re-establishing its rich ecosystem. To date, more than twenty local tree species have been planted. In addition, a multitude of animals have found a safe haven in the forest. The project also provides a new habitat for endangered animals, such as jaguars, neotropical otters and various types of monkeys, among others.

The Benefits

So far, 1,116 ha of land has been restored in Cáceres and 9,640 ha of land has been surveyed and mapped in Cravo Norte. The project has been validated according to the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standard (CCB), which is currently the strictest standard for forestation projects. It ensures outstanding biodiversity benefits and the integration of local communities into the project. About 150 people were employed for the establishment of the project and a further 2 have been employed permanently, providing a vital alternative for a region that has long depended on illegal and heavily destructive activities.

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