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Cáceres and Cravo Norte restoration of degraded land

Objective: This pioneering forestry project entails permanent reforestation and long-term monitoring of parts of Colombia's northeast and northwest, with a particular focus on biodiversity. The project seeks to promote sustainable management of forest resources in areas degraded by cattle grazing and mining, in a manner that fosters natural regeneration.

Devastated by years of open cast alluvial gold mining, illegal coca plantations, and destructive livestock farming practices in the remote Colombian regions of Cáceres, Antioquia and Cravo Norte, Arauca, the survival of the natural capital and biodiversity of these two important tropical forest regions hung precariously on the edge.

In opposition to the common practice of reforestation through planting monocultures for tree plantations, this project by South Pole Group and Asorpar aims at restoring a real forest, with a focus on re-establishing its rich ecosystem. About 20 local tree species were planted and by today already led to the settling of another 117 plants and a multitude of animals in the now restored and still growing forest. The project has also restored new habitat for endangered animals such as jaguars, tamarins, neotropical otters, and endangered monkeys such as the grey-handed night monkey.

How this project improves lives

  • Permanent and temporary jobs for locals have been generated
  • Vocational training and educational schemes are provided
  • Reduction of soil erosion that before the project activity occurred due to animal grazing
  • Reduction of runoff of water, helping to conserve the water supplies
  • Patches of natural forests in the project area are kept as conservation area to support natural ecological succession and biodiversity
  • Site of conservation of highly endangered tree species of the Magnolia family
  • New habitat restored for endangered species, including jaguars, tamarins, neotropical otters, and numerous kinds of monkey, among others

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