Avoiding deforestation and boosting the local economy in rural Colombia

This forestry project contributes to the recovery of the native vegetation through the reforestation of 171.09 hectares of degraded grazing land. It also includes the conservation of 43.7 hectares of forest to protect endemic species as the Colombian chachalaca and the endangered white-footed tamarin.

The context

The municipality of Vegachi in the Colombian department of Antioquia is one of the least-developed and remote areas in the country. In the past, cattle farming and agricultural activities for subsistence were the main productive activities in Antioquia. Extensive timber extraction from forests and cattle ranching have led to deforestation and degraded lands in the area.

The project

Today, the Vegachi project is helping farmers to develop new livelihoods by providing education for sustainable forest management. The project area covers nearly 214.8 ha of land, where native species, such as Cedar, Walnut tree, Paco, and Guaiacum are planted.

The benefits

Reforestation activities such as establishment, fertilisation and thinning have created jobs for local communities. In addition, local communities receive training in forest management. The project has preserved forest areas that provide important habitats, and the plantations can also serve as corridors connecting forest patches and isolated areas of natural habitat, improving the biodiversity of the protect area.

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