The South Pole, on behalf of the KliK Foundation, operates a climate protection project with a focus on the reduction of CO2-emissions from space heating generation. Through the sale of smart electronic Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV) called Danfoss Living Eco, this project contributes combating climate change in Switzerland. The end customer benefits from energy savings of up to 23% in their household.

The Context

A third of Switzerland's energy consumption goes to space heating, where most of the households use oil for heating, followed by gas which contributes to the total greenhouse gases emitted in the country. Danfoss Living Eco TRVs improve heating efficiency in buildings, but often financial obstacles, fear of comfort loss, technical problems or a lack of knowledge can slow down the adoption of more innovative technology.

The Project

South Pole collaborates with Danfoss Switzerland to increase the adoption rate of this sustainable heating technology. The electronic TRV living eco by Danfoss is easy to handle and offers high energy efficiency. It incorporates a pre-installed energy saving program that depend on the usual diurnal routine. The "open window" function additionally helps to save energy by automatically regulating the heating load when a room is aired. Since the beginning in late 2015 until early 2018, approximately 5000 household have installed Danfoss living eco.

The Benefits

This project continuously reduces carbon emissions by providing a more efficient use of fuels for heating. The emission reductions are monitored by South Pole, verified by an independent auditor and certified by the FOEN. The emission reductions are then passed on to the KliK foundation. In return the end users receive an environmental discount of 15 CHF on their heating device. The project promotes energy efficiency and financial savings, thus promoting a viable way that the Swiss economy can transition towards more environmentally friendly pathways.

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