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Create value for your organisation and your communities with our workable, proven climate solutions. We support you on your sustainability journey, delivering results in the areas of corporate supply chains, green finance, renewable energy, investment climate risk and project development. Rely on our expertise in emission reductions and renewable energy. Working with South Pole, invest in the world's largest portfolio of emission reduction and renewable energy projects.

Engaging in sustainability is much more than a marketing story. It's a business case.

We provide the following services to over 1,000 innovative companies:

  • Measuring and managing your carbon footprint, and offsetting unavoidable emissions with externally certified premium projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Enabling you to run your operations using 100% renewable energy, globally
  • Understanding and managing climate, water, and deforestation risks in your supply chain. Investment advice and management of projects and initiatives to enhance natural capital along your supply chain.
  • Understanding climate risks in your investment portfolios. Advice for low-carbon investment strategies along all asset classes.
  • Ensuring your business, projects and products are optimally benefiting from low-carbon policies and schemes drawn up around the world after the Paris Agreement.

With us, you make sure that your climate commitments are communicated accurately and in a compelling manner - consistent with your brand and corporate positioning. Our exciting marketing-communications collateral brings the projects you engage with to life. Show that you walk the talk with our customised climate neutrality & renewable energy labels.

Click on our suite of solutions below and get in touch with our experts.

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