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Climate Smart Agriculture

The job of feeding the world and dealing with climate change at the same time is a daunting one. Consider all the factors: Changing weather patterns, unstable energy prices, droughts, crop and livestock preferences based on individual cultures. No single solution fits all when it comes to working the land.

At South Pole we hone our focus to customise strategies based on ways climate change affects agricultural supply chains. That's what climate smart agricultural resource management is all about. It's an approach we've made work successfully, all over the world.

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Here's How

South Pole has teamed up with leading European research institutions in a multi-year project to foster the development, marketing and adoption of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) technologies in Europe. South Pole's contribution to the program include:

  • Assisting corporate clients with innovative solutions to ways climate issues affect agricultural supply chains.
  • Monitor, report and certify the climate impact of CSA solutions in supply chains
  • Aid policymakers to implement Rural Development Plans in context of Common Agriculture Policy and provide advice to technology providers and users
  • Connect providers of CSA technologies to European networks and partners in the agriculture value chain
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Sustainable Supply Chains Solutions

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