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Climate change is real and it's here to stay. It's a fact now accepted by governments, financial leaders, leading organisations and businesses. Because of this, prices are being affixed and assigned to GHG emissions and these costs are showing up in investment funds and portfolios.

One has a choice. Ignore this reality or deal with it. South Pole Group Investment Climate Impact Assessments offer the proven approach to dealing with it.

Know the Climate Impact on Investments

Investors, asset owners, fund managers and banks can now instantly assess the impact of climate change of funds and portfolios. SPG Investment Climate Change Impact Assessments enable you to develop a more effective and realistic investment strategy and ESG analysis.


  • Be more aware of companies actively addressing climate change, as there is indication for them to outperform the market due to better management
  • Engage in more informed discussions with clients regarding climate strategy
  • Reduce risk from climate change and resulting policies, such as carbon taxes, emission trading schemes, reporting regulations, and other compliance
  • Position yourself as a thought leader and a role model
  • Optimise your investment process and develop solid targets for interacting with your investment manager or investees
  • Add a suite of climate friendly investment products to existing products to get new business.
  • Drive change by leading an informed dialogue about their climate strategy
  • Fulfill your commitments under the Montreal Carbon Pledge, the Portfolio Decarbonisation Coalition or the requirements from the French Energy Transition legislation (L'article 173 de la loi de transition énergétique adoptée le 22 juillet 2015).

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Patrick Buergi, Director Public Sector at

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Premium Investment Impact Assessment

The Premium Climate Impact Assessment represents our top-of-the-line tool for assessing the climate impact on funds or portfolios. In addition to providing company-by-company assessment and interpretation of results it comprises a range of further analysis. This can include

  • Forward-looking examination that we conduct jointly with our partner CDP.
  • Screening against the Carbon Underground 200(™), Tar Sand 20(™) and beyond, singling out all companies with their respective oil, gas and coal reserves and methods of extraction.
  • Sector deep dives on carbon-intense industries such as the Utilities, Materials or Automotive sectors.
  • Quantifying the net positive effects of companies' product portfolios on the climate.

In providing this informed vision we take into account:

  • The underlying investee's existing climate strategy
  • Each company's specific climate change related risks and opportunities
  • How each company addresses these issues

Using our Premium Climate Impact Assessment tool allows you to actively engage with your clients and support them in addressing their specific climate change challenges. This analysis also fulfills the requirements of Article 173 of the French energy transition legislation on climate impact transparency for institutional investors (L'article 173 de la loi de transition énergétique adoptée le 22 juillet 2015).

Customise Your Own Investment Data Feed

As an SPG client you are allowed unlimited access to our database. Help yourself to a complete data set and let us help interpret it for you if necessary. Asset managers, banks and others who prefer to retain their information in-house can assess their climate impact anytime and as often as they like. This entails the option to customise output information according to specific needs or criteria. Further, SPG can help to design the necessary tools and build capacity to create screening solutions.

Climate Footprint Tools

South Pole Group offers proven high-performance tools to make it easier for investors to measure, monitor and adjust their funds and portfolios based on the carbon footprint of their contents.

Investment GHG Footprint & Premium Climate Impact Assessment

These tools conduct company-by-company source & model assessment and provides a fully transparent GHG emissions analysis of your portfolio. Adding more value and credibility to the results are interpretations provided by South Pole Group specialists.

Both Investment GHG Footprinting and Premium Climate Impact Assessment provide tailor made assessments and complete interpretations of results for those in the financial sector. In addition to addressing the requirements for institutional investors of article 173 of the French Energy Transition, the Investment GHG Footprint enables investors to commit to the Montreal Carbon pledge.

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