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Feed Additives for Climate-Friendly Cows

A Penguin and a Cow Walk Into a Bar...

The cow says, "We have a problem. Every year us cows emit so much methane into the atmosphere - the equivalent of fifty-times more CO2 than the entire country of Switzerland! It's killing our image. We don't know what to do." The penguin ponders for a moment and replies: "Maybe it's something you ate."

Making All Cows Climate Friendly Cows

Together with leading experts, South Pole has developed innovative cutting-edge feed additive solutions with a proven track record of reducing the methane footprint of cows.

By using our climate smart feed additives you can capture the climate value along your supply chain and become a certified leader in the dairy sector.

A Competitive Advantage for You

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you:
  • Monitor and assess the current state of ruminant methane emissions in your supply chain
  • Develop a label and position your brand as a low carbon product
  • Certify your supply chain carbon footprint in accordance with international standards
  • Design and implement a unique emission reduction project in your own supply chain

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Reducing Global GHG Emissions with Climate Smart Feed Additives

Dairy and beef cattle production contribute to 9% of global GHG emissions. The emissions consist of methane released from enteric fermentation (6%) and GHG released through feed production (3%) (FAO, 2013). Billions of microorganisms in a cow's stomachs help to digest the feed (e.g. grass, grains or soy). The microorganisms transform the feed into energy, which in turn is converted into milk or fat. A small portion of the energy (3-7,5%) is converted into the GHG methane and is released into the air when the cow burps. Farmers can make better use of this 'lost' energy by optimising a cow's diet through the use of climate smart feed additives.

AGOLIN Ruminant – A plant-based feed additive

Agolin Ruminant is one of the climate smart feed additives in our portfolio. The success of the solution is attributed to a high level of commitment to innovation and superior product quality. As a result, Agolin Ruminant does not have any negative effects on the taste and quality of milk or the health of the animals.

Agolin Ruminant

Farmers optimise feed intake and gut health prevention for livestock animals by mixing low concentrations of Agolin Ruminant with different fodders.

Studies with dairy cows have shown that the use of Agolin increases milk yieldand improves fertility. The feed additive also reduces methane emissions by 14-22%, and therefore reduces costs through optimised feed intake (same or less amount of feed for more milk).

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