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Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

Customised renewable energy solutions require customised Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) protocols and systems. The GHG mitigation scheme crafted for your enterprise or organisation must also be crafted along its specific parameters; project vs. program-based, sectoral mechanisms or host country inventories and so on.

At South Pole Group, our MRV support covers the following areas:

  • MRV capacity building for government and private sector stakeholders
  • MRV system design (e.g. MRV component design within existing or planned
  • policies)
  • MRV support services and implementation of MRV systems
  • MRV hardware and software solutions

As a developer and supporter of premium emission projects such as Gold Standard, Social Carbon and CCBS our proven MRV expertise goes beyond GHG emissions only. Our customised MRV approach also applies to a wide variety of sectors such as forestry, agriculture, cities, buildings and more.

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