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South Pole Group's Investment Carbon Screener - yourSRI

Imagine being able to offer investors a tool to track and measure the carbon footprint of every entity contained within a fund or portfolio. Just such a tool is what we offer. We developed it with help from our friends at yourSRI.

Just upload your fund holdings to the web platform then download your portfolio's GHG footprint. You get a standardised report showing a ranking of the GHG emissions of each element of a portfolio or fund. Also included is the cost of offsetting your investments emissions and the individual emissions of the companies you own. There's never been a faster, easier and more accurate method of comparing a fund's performance within a sector to optimise the performance of your carbon portfolio.

Working with the Bloomberg App

With an extensive database of more than 40,000 companies, South Pole Group's Investment Carbon Screener provides the most complete information on corporate emissions worldwide. Just upload your portfolio into the Bloomberg App and within minutes you're treated to a detailed overview of the carbon footprint of your investments.

  • Extract absolute company emissions
  • Extract emissions apportioned to your respective investment into a company.
  • Download the report easily to Microsoft Excel.

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