The South Pole Digital Lab is our centre of excellence where we develop and scale digital solutions for better managing climate and natural resources challenges, as well as program web-based and mobile client applications.

Examples and references:

  • Measuring and monitoring corporate GHG emissions using our proprietary Svante Greenhouse Gas Accounting Software
  • Fighting increasing air pollution in cities in a concentrated manner using big data. We developed a tool to analyse traffic flow and air quality in cities (IM4CT) relying on mobile network data, in cooperation with Telefonica and Teralytics.
  • Utilising cloud-sourced big data to obtain actionable information on forest trends for the fast-moving consumer goods industry: the Big Chain Tool delivers high-quality maps and automatically generated reports to identify deforestation 'hotspots' along supply chains
  • The CleanCoin project assesses the climate impacts of the Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies, suggests ways to reduce their carbon footprint and provides live greenhouse gas emissions calculators to track progress over time.
  • Hack Climate Change event at the Climate Conference in Bonn, 2017: mapping out how tech companies solve the climate change challenge relying on quality data
  • Climate Risk Tool to analyse transition and physical climate risks of investments and to understand the implications of a range of low-carbon pathways
  • The award-winning Climate Credit Card is a global first. It calculates the CO2 emissions of all purchased goods and services, provides the card user with the greenhouse gas reporting of his transactions, and neutralises all emissions with high-quality offsetting projects. Click here for accessing the Cornèrcard Climate Credit Card case study
  • Carbon Calculator (mobile app and web-based tool) for UEFA Euro 2016 in France to enable visitors to Europe's biggest soccer tournament to calculate emissions related to their travel to the games, and to subsequently offset them
  • Find out more about UEFA's Carbon Calculator:
  • Cloud-based Portfolio Management Software for Climate Cent Foundation and Technology Fund, allowing for the management of projects and applications.
  • MOVERs, a system for automated monitoring and verification of project performance, implemented for biogas projects in Thailand
  • Antarctica Project Management Software for the development, implementation, and management of carbon and renewable energy project portfolios.
  • Dedicated landing page for the event Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California 2018 to communicate carbon offsetting of event-related emissions
  • Customised webshop portal (web-based) for offsetting emissions of global WWF offices
  • Landing page for Signify, formerly Philips Lighting to present their 2020 carbon neutrality strategy

South Pole Digital Lab Examples and References

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