Building a Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage market

Businesses and economies across the world are being rapidly redesigned, going from high- to low-carbon intensity to reduce their impact on the climate.

This shift demands a combination of new approaches, corporate vision, the latest insight and know-how and, ultimately, the formation of new industries. Airfix, a new subsidiary of South Pole, combines decades of climate finance and carbon project development expertise with a vision for a scalable Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage market in Switzerland and beyond.

Our Mission

Activating and streamlining the Swiss BiCRS market

Activating and streamlining the Swiss BiCRS market

Uniquely positioned, Airfix seeks to activate and streamline the Swiss BiCRS market by using climate finance to rapidly scale this carbon removal technology. Unlocking the potential of BiCRS will empower some of Europe's crucial service providers to capture, transport and securely store their carbon emissions. Airfix aims to capture 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in 10 years.

Meeting the challenge

Meeting the challenge

A market the size of the fossil fuel industry will be required to remove, transport & store carbon at scale to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement.

BiCRS has a key role to play here. But the value chain of BiCRS projects is long and complex. Companies with biogenic carbon emissions are often too small to manage the financing, transport and long term storage of the captured carbon. In addition, the bankability of projects can only be ensured if there are buyers in the voluntary market, public subsidies or regulatory instruments to cover the full cost of the value chain.

What we do

Airfix works to support biogenic carbon emitters to develop and finance removal and storage, giving investors the confidence to invest in BiCRS while producing high quality carbon credits, underpinned by significant emissions reductions. By creating a cohesive ecosystem for BiCRS projects we simplify the complex value chain for biogenic emitters, providing investors with attractive opportunities for low-carbon investments and drive carbon finance into the BiCRS market by working with carbon standards to produce carbon credits.

We provide financing
We offer consulting

With a strong network of partners, Airfix can provide consulting and project management throughout the lifespan of the project.

We aggregate demand

Demand for transport and storage from our partners is aggregated and coordinated by Airfix, to lower cost and secure capacities.

We are a knowledge hub

Being part of the very first BiCRS activities in Europe, Airfix shares knowledge and collaborates to scale as quickly as possible.

The First Project

The Challenge

Who we are

Airfix is a subsidiary of South Pole and is made possible by Migros Pioneer Fund.

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Want to work with Airfix to scale BiCRS in Europe?

Contact us at for more infomation.

Want to work with Airfix to scale BiCRS in Europe?
Contact us at for more information.
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