Carbon Credits

Buy credits from the world's largest portfolio of 700+ carbon projects to protect the planet and transform lives

Our market-leading portfolio and on-the-ground support allow organisations looking to take action on climate and development to:

  • Choose projects aligned with their brand, business, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Customise existing projects to deliver priority impacts
  • Design new projects inside or outside of their supply or value chains

Whether you want to achieve emissions reductions commitments quickly and efficiently, support projects in specific locations, or design brand-aligned project activities, we'll find solutions that meet your needs and maximise the value of your sustainability programmes.

Why choose to offset your carbon footprint?

Globally, people increasingly buy from and want to work for purpose-led companies that share their values and beliefs.

Companies taking climate action find it delivers value in various ways:

  • Winning new customers and increasing brand loyalty among existing ones by enhancing brand and product differentiation
  • Increasing brand awareness and positioning products in key markets
  • Attracting and retaining employees
  • Building resilience in supply chains
  • Building a reputation for leadership on climate and sustainable development

How do carbon credits work?

This video explains how certified cuts in carbon emissions help organisations compensate their carbon footprints and reduce global poverty.

Carbon credits are an internationally recognised way for organisations to manage their carbon emissions. They should be one part of a broader and integrated carbon management strategy. Organisations maximise value when they:

  • Measure their baseline greenhouse gas footprint
  • Set reduction targets
  • Implement strategies to identify interventions that meet these targets most cost effectively
  • Take action to reduce risks, improve performance, and compensate unavoidable impacts
  • Communicate their activities to employees, investors and customers

South Pole can support you at every step of this journey.

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South Pole helps you understand your situation, design an effective response, and act through concrete interventions and projects.

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