Boost engagement and affection for your brand by implementing and promoting a sustainability strategy. If you walk the talk, your customers, investors, and employees should know it.

In a warming world where natural disasters and declining habitats are driving animals to extinction and putting human livelihoods at risk, studies show consumers are willing to pay more for goods and services from brands that are actively involved in the fight against climate change.

South Pole's Penguin labels

Upon completion of the certification process, you can use our labels on websites, ads, and event materials - anywhere people come into contact with your brand.

Climate Neutral

Reduce and then compensate the total carbon footprint of your event including visitors' travel and offset the emissions through a particular project.

Click here to read more about the criteria.

Climate Neutral Event Label

Further reading

Becoming a Climate-Friendly Festival Organiser

Find out more about South Pole's Climate Neutrality and Renewable Electricity Labels

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