To offset emissions caused by burning natural gas we use certificates from climate protection projects, these reduce CO 2 in atmosphere while bringing a host of community, biodiversity and economic benefits to local communities.

EcoGas is a carbon neutral gas product

EcoGas is created by compensating the emissions produced by natural gas supply and consumption via carbon credits from South Pole's project portfolio.

While natural gas is a cleaner form of energy than other fossil fuels, its exploration, extraction and combustion generates considerable carbon emissions.

EcoGas guarantees that this carbon footprint has been compensated by balancing the emissions associated with natural gas consumption with carbon credits from third-party verified projects. The projects that are financed not only reduce CO 2 but benefit communities, enhance livelihoods and protect wildlife.

All projects meet or exceed established quality standards such as the Gold Standard or VCS and each credit is recorded on a public registry and retired on behalf of the buyer.

EcoGas+ is a responsibly produced carbon neutral gas product designed for the US market

EcoGas+ is a certified carbon neutral gas product that utilizes carbon credits to compensate for natural gas supply and consumption emissions, coupled with responsibly produced natural gas certificates. The certificates represent an investment in natural gas production that has reached high standards of environmental integrity, and is less harmful to the environment than traditional natural gas extraction processes.

This combination of solutions enables you to reduce your carbon footprint of your gas offering and compensate the remaining emissions.

What is responsibly produced natural gas?

Responsibly produced natural gas (RPNG) is natural gas that has been extracted in a way that reduces the negative environmental consequences of extraction as much as possible.

Most importantly, RPNG producers have each well-head certified by third party verifier, Independent Energy Standards (IES). IES awards a Trustwell™ rating depending on various measurable factors of the natural gas extraction process.

Additionally, RPNG producers typically have a far lower level of methane leakage than the national US average and engage in land reclamation activities at well sites. Producers often have water quality and water recycling provisions in place to ensure that the water used and/or produced during gas production is not contaminated when circulated back into the surrounding ecosystem.

Why do clients buy EcoGas?

The energy industry accounts for up to 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This means that gas suppliers have a significant opportunity to take positive action to help solve the climate crisis.

Natural gas as a source for power production and heating in conjunction with greenhouse gas mitigation projects gives public utilities and energy suppliers the ability to offer their customers a climate-friendly and future-oriented energy source

Our team can help you create an attractive eco-gas offering, perfectly suited to your needs.

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