Projekt Forest Management

Community development protects forests

Mål: This forest conservation project is aimed at providing sustainable livelihood opportunities for poor communities in Northern Zimbabwe, a region still suffering heavily from deforestation, poverty, and drought. Its aim is to reduce deforestation and forest degradation through a range of activities such as conservation farming, proposed by local communities and supported by carbon finance.

How this project improves lives

  • Healthcare centers and family-based micro-businesses are being supported.
  • Bush roads of more than 1000km have been repaired. A bridge repair has been undertaken and numerous further are expected.
  • Boreholes for water have been identified for resuscitation, with an average borehole serving up to 100 families.
  • 11 community gardens have been established, enabling sustainable food production for approximately 1,200 people so far.
  • School fee subsidies will be available for the poorest quartile of the population.
  • Natural habitat preservation of endangered and vulnerable species such as the elephant, lion, buffalo and african wild dog is undertaken.

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