Projekt Cooking Stoves

Improved Household Charcoal Stoves in Mali

Mål: Currently inefficient and polluting cooking regimes are deeply established throughout West Africa and in Mali in particular. Problems of degradation of wooded areas are especially acute in the country, where combating desertification is a national priority, as are the search for food self-sufficiency and combating poverty.With carbon finance this project aims to break the mould and move large populations away from conditions under which GHG emissions are unacceptably high and health effects are unacceptably harmful for the women and children spending long hours each day in traditional kitchens.

The project introduces a sustainable development technology that is affordable: the improved charcoal stove (SEWA stove) reduces fuel consumption by introduction of a ceramic liner that increases combustion efficiency and retains heat. The project benefits local families by permanently reducing their fuel spending and by improving indoor and outdoor air quality.

How this project improves lives:

  • The project created 16 jobs (with wages and benefits that exceed the norm in Mali) in the cooking stove plant, improving the overall employment situation in the city of Bamako.
  • The project reduces wood and charcoal demand by 50 percent in participating households. This reduces deforestation and leads to better soil, air and water conditions.
  • The improved stoves give rise to employment opportunities for enterprises manufacturing, distributing, retailing, and maintaining the stoves
  • The introduction of locally manufactured technology with optimized energy efficiency helps to build technological self-reliance.
  • Livelihood circumstances will be improved since the improved stoves reduce fuel costs.
  • Biodiversity will be improved through the stove program reducing pressure on remaining forest reserves.

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