We support the planet and a sustainable economy

Together with our customers we have so far achieved the following results:

  • Over the years, we have positively affected 20 million people around the globe (around the total population of Sri Lanka)
  • Over 170 million tonnes of CO2 saved (around half of the annual national GHG emissions of France)
  • Developed over 700+ projects in renewables, forestry, agriculture, industry, households and public institutions
  • Screened the climate footprint of over USD 2 trillion of investments (in economic terms around double the nominal GDP of Indonesia)
  • Over USD 15 billion clean energy investments mobilised (around the annual budget of the country of Uruguay)
  • Enabled production of more than 140,000 GWh of renewable energy (almost half of the national annual electricity consumption of the UK)
  • Protected or restored over 55,000 km2 of land (around the total area of the African country of Togo)
  • Helped create nearly 100,000 jobs in developing countries (around the total number of employees of The Coca-Cola Company )

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