Walk the Talk

We Walk the Talk

Being penguins it might be more accurate to say we 'waddle the talk'. The point is the same. We practice what we preach at South Pole. There's nothing we wouldn't ask of or recommend to a client, we wouldn't do ourselves. In fact, we treat ourselves as we would any client in routinely reviewing our own practices to make sure we're doing everything possible to fight climate change too.

At South Pole we enable our clients to create value from sustainability-related activities. We strive to create a sustainable society and economy that positively impact our climate, ecosystems and communities, both through comprehensive sustainability solutions, as well as our own operations. We walk the talk.

Our business conduct is guided by high ethical standards towards ourselves, towards our clients, towards society as such, and towards the planet.

  1. We develop our emission reduction projects in compliance with the highest project development standards.
  2. We are member of United Nations Global Compact and constantly aim to deliver on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

We aim to pursue environmental best practices that minimise the environmental impacts of our business and operations. This includes:

  1. We perform carbon footprinting on an annual basis.
  2. We run carbon neutral operations - we reduce GHG emissions where possible and offset the rest.
  3. We power our operations with renewable energy wherever possible.
  4. We promote green practices directed at recycling and minimising waste.
  5. We purchase environmentally friendly, recycled and recyclable supplies where possible.
  6. We minimise unnecessary travels between our offices to reduce GHG emissions caused by our professional trips.
  7. We promote the use of public transport, as well as bicycle use and walking.
  8. We encourage and train staff to be the best sustainability advocates and practitioners.
  9. We communicate which projects we choose for offsetting our emissions.

Our engagement with our clients and partners generates countless measurable and proven environmental and socio-economic benefits – please refer to the positive impacts we create. The growing significance of our impacts goes hand in hand with our sustainability engagement. We review our sustainability performance on a regular basis.

View our GHG report 2016 and the offset certificate for 2016.

See how some of our projects have improved lives

Kariba REDD+ in Northern Zimbabwe

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