Climate Actions. Not Climate Words.

Climate Actions. Not Climate Words.

A collaboration to help businesses reduce their exposure to natural hazards and emissions of greenhouse gases.

South Pole & Zurich Resilience Solutions working together

The collaboration between South Pole and Zurich Resilience Solutions will help businesses create and accelerate their climate journey by taking a holistic approach to climate action, that encompasses both climate resilience and net-zero measures.

Together, we help you reduce your exposure to current and future natural hazards, and your emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). We do this by assessing your climate risk and emissions data, defining immediate and long-term climate resilience and net-zero targets, and establishing a combined climate strategy that helps you achieve these targets with the support of our tailored solutions.

By boosting your climate resilience and driving your net-zero ambitions, we will support you on your journey to achieve your climate goals, and help you prepare for growing regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations.

A collaboration for real change

A collaboration for real change

Preventing global temperatures from rising above pre-industrial levels is a collective target we must continue to strive for; but we must also be prepared in case this target is not met. That is why it is important for business leaders to prioritize both sides of the "climate coin":

Climate adaptation

Measures that build physical and operational resilience to prepare you for the current and future impacts of climate change

Climate mitigation

Measures that lessen the severity of climate change by preventing or reducing GHG emissions.

Two global teams

Two global teams

By combining Zurich Resilience Solutions' global team of natural hazard and climate resilience specialists, with South Pole's expertise in decarbonization analysis and strategy, we enable you to create a sustainable future for your business and the environment through a centrally coordinated climate strategy.

Tools and Insights

We provide the tools and insights to quantify and forecast your exposure to natural hazards and emissions of GHGs and deliver tailored solutions to help improve your physical and operational resilience and reduce your emissions footprint.

Unique Approach

Our unique approach will help streamline the data collection processes, and Zurich Resilience Solutions and South Pole will provide you with combined reporting to give you guidance at every stage of your climate journey. Our experts have the local knowledge to help you prepare for the increasing regulatory and legal requirements for sustainability reporting in your region.

Why businesses must act now

Increasing physical risks

Changing weather patterns pose a significant and growing threat to people, assets, and operations. In 2021, natural catastrophes resulted in economic losses of approximately $270 billion, against a 10-year average of $204 billion. For organizations to be successful, they must adapt quickly to the changing environment.

Greater regulatory demands

Regulators are raising the bar on Environmental, Societal, and Governance (ESG) disclosure requirements, with businesses increasingly mandated to prepare forward-looking sustainability reports. In the European Union, the number of companies required to comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will rise from approximately 12,000 in 2022, to 50,000 in 2024. In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are writing new guidelines that will likely add new climate disclosure requirements in 2023.

Growing stakeholder expectations

Customers, employees, and investors increasingly expect organizations to transition to “clean” business models, which can influence company reputation and valuation. But this should also be seen as an opportunity, with the financial benefits of taking climate action expected to be at least 15 times higher than the cost of risk.  

Boosting insurability 

Relying on historic data to predict future weather patterns is becoming more challenging for the insurance market, partly due to climate change. Yet as the frequency and severity of weather events increases, the need for risk transfer grows. For the market to meet these needs, organizations must demonstrate proactive management of physical and operational climate risk.

Your Climate Journey

Whether you are looking to accelerate your climate resilience and net-zero goals, or you simply need to understand where your organization is today, our experts will meet you wherever you are on your climate journey.

Find out where you stand

Find out where you stand as we quantify your exposure to natural hazards and your GHG emissions.

We will introduce you to the key climate metrics that sit behind your business today.

Turn data into insights

Turn data into insights as we highlight your critical locations and areas most in need of action.

This will help you to prioritize next steps in terms of impact and cost, forming the basis of meaningful climate action.

Act now and prepare for the future

Act now and prepare for the future with our detailed forecasts on how your exposure to natural hazards may change over time.

We will map your emission reduction pathways and help you implement short-term measures to protect your business and help you prepare for local sustainability reporting requirements.

Put your long-term plans into action

Put your long-term plans into action with the on-site support of our experts.

We will help implement measures to improve resilience and reduce emissions at individual site locations, while helping to align the stakeholders in your organization to create and execute your long-term climate resilience strategy and help you prepare local regulatory and legal reporting requirements.

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Zurich teams up with South Pole to support businesses with climate adaptation and mitigation

Zurich Resilience Solutions (ZRS), the commercial risk advisory and services unit of Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich), and South Pole are joining forces to provide a new climate change related offering to companies.

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