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With operations across Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, Delivery Hero is one of the world's leading online food and grocery ordering and delivery marketplaces.

As part of its commitment to become a carbon neutral company globally by the end of 2021, Delivery Hero is working with project developer and climate solutions provider, South Pole, to measure and offset their carbon footprint and reduce the climate impact of their activities.

Supporting Delivery Hero on their climate journey

Together with South Pole, Delivery Hero is compensating all of its GHG emissions gradually by supporting certified climate protection projects and fostering sustainable development in the project regions. In 2021, all the emissions associated with operations and deliveries in Europe and LATAM are offset. As of January 1st, 2022, all of Delivery Hero's entities, in four regions around the world, will be carbon neutral!

Why Delivery Hero Cares

“Delivery Hero is setting an ambitious goal to be carbon neutral globally by the end of 2021. Taking responsibility for our greenhouse gas emissions is part of our commitment to deliver a more sustainable future for our customers and communities around the world. We want to set an example for the industry and inspire other companies to join the climate protection efforts."

Jeffrey Oatham (Director of CSR & Sustainability, Delivery Hero)

How Delivery Hero Cares

278,648 tonnes CO2e compensated for the year 2020.

Contributed to 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Delivery Hero contributed to 8 of the 17 sustainable development goals

The SDGs provide a global framework for organisations to measure and report their environmental and social impacts.

Certificate of Climate Action

Delivery Hero is working with South Pole to engage in verified climate action. Check out the certificate awarded to Delivery Hero here.

Track Offsetting Information

Climate Action is all about transparency, find out more about what Delivery Hero is currently offsetting.

What are Carbon Credits?

Not sure what offsetting is or what to do with carbon credits? We have broken this down for you.

Climate Projects

Delivery Hero supports certified high-quality climate action projects. Read more about these projects below.

Mahindra Solar Power, India

Offsetting Standard: Verified Carbon Standard
VCS standard

This project is helping India realise a sustainable energy future by installing five solar power plants across the Indian States of Telangana, Gujarat and Rajasthan. As well as creating jobs and training opportunities in the local economy, in its first decade, the project will prevent more than 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere by sending energy to India's heavily fossil fuel-dominated electricity grid.

More information

Svilosa Biomass, Bulgaria

Offsetting Standard: Gold Standard
gold standard

The project installs a biomass boiler to generate heat for the production of pulp (a raw material for paper) in Bulgaria. Instead of burning coal, the project uses waste biomass such as wood bark and shavings that was previously dumped in a landfill. This improves energy security and addresses waste. At the same time surrounding communities enjoy better air quality and job opportunities. Importantly, the project is helping to promote the potential of renewable energy in Bulgaria.

More information

Tamilnadu Wind Power, India

Offsetting Standard: Verified Carbon Standard
VCS standard

By harnessing strong prevailing winds, carefully located wind turbines generate clean electricity for the state grid. This helps to reduce the need for fossil-fuel generated electricity and increase energy security in India. The project provides green electricity to support India's growing economy, and also brings benefits, such as jobs and infrastructure, to underdeveloped regions.

More information

Huóshuĭ Grouped Small Hydropower, China

Offsetting Standard: Verified Carbon Standard
VCS standard

Thanks to this project, multiple small-scale hydropower plants are now bringing renewable energy to rural communities in South West China. By supplying clean hydroelectric power to the local grid, the project displaces fossil-fuel derived energy, cutting greenhouse gas emissions. A number of social initiatives led by the project are improving the lives of local children.

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You can find out more about Project Development Standards here.

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