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We support investors with their EU Taxonomy (EUT) assessments, understand its complexity and are ready to provide you with analysis and expert advice.

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Image: what do you get in return? 1: access to eut experts with prior experience, 2: factsheet with eut financial sector market insights, 3: tips to get you on your way, 4: indicative outputs of our assessment, 5: invitation to a roundtable with your industry peers.

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"To be or not to be sustainable". The SFDR finally takes away a lot of the uncertainty. The EUT goes even a step further: as the world's first comprehensive green glossary, it offers a granular sense of where a company or investor stands and gives specific future guidance."

Danielle Cohen Henriquez
Consultant, Sustainable Finance

"While the EUT and SFDR may seem daunting, once eligible activities have been selected, calculating alignment can be addressed by a five-step process where data availability, engagement and transparency are key."

Andrea Crosswell Patlan
Consultant, Sustainable Finance

"SFDR and EUT will emerge as one of the leading sustainability disclosure practices for financial products as they require the financial industry to comprehensively evaluate their sustainability impact. It is important to begin aligning now to be prepared in future."

Shrieya Mehra
Analyst, Sustainable Finance

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