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We help clients address climate change impacts while mitigating risk and creating value on their sustainability journeys.

Our offerings are designed to help you create a tangible environmental impact program through renewable energy, strategic advisory, and carbon offsets.

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Our Core Offerings

We help you identify, measure and reduce your footprint. Our offerings are designed to help you create a tangible environmental impact program through the following mechanisms:

Carbon Offsets

Carbon credits (also known as carbon offsets) are tradable certificates that represent the removal or avoidance of 1 metric ton of CO2 equivalent from the atmosphere. We are the global leader in developing and sourcing carbon offset projects.

Key offerings:

  • Charismatic projects with co-benefits (e.g., SDG aligned), as well as cost-effective options
  • Climate neutral labels
  • Tailor-made projects

Strategic Advisory

South Pole's holistic sustainability advisory service can work with your team at any point in your climate journey. Our global team of engineers, scientists, project developers, & finance experts are leaders in their respective fields.

Key offerings:

  • Measure Footprints & Risk
  • Targeting & Roadmaps
  • Reducing Footprint
  • Communications Assistance

Renewable Energy

We develop our own global renewable energy projects, and offer in-house support for all forms of renewable energy procurement. We work with clients to develop customized roadmaps to fulfill their energy needs and goals.

Key offerings:

  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • PPAs and VPPAs
  • On-site feasibility studies
  • RE100 compliance

Let us guide your climate journey

South Pole's five-phase framework towards climate leadership provides the structure and tools needed to help corporates achieve their sustainability goals. Our advisors work hand-in-hand with companies to understand where they are, where they want to go, and design realistic solutions that will maximize impact and accelerate the transition to a lower-carbon future

The largest portfolio of carbon reduction projects

Our diverse global carbon project portfolio means you can select unique offset projects that meet your preferences on location, cost and impacts. Unlike brokers, we develop carbon projects ourselves with local partners, ensuring you benefit from the most competitive pricing in the market. Our projects also drive sustainable development globally and benefit local communities.

Our Leadership Team in North America

Our team of over 30 experts based in locations around North America draw on a range of experiences and disciplines to meet the needs of clients, including consulting and business development, as well as renewable energy and carbon credit portfolio services.

Image - South Pole Team North America

We are proud to work with

SP USA Clients

We are proud to be a certified B Corporation in the United States

Certified B Corporation

South Pole is proud to offer GoldPower renewable energy certificates

Certified B Corporation

GoldPower was created in 2009 in cooperation with WWF to certify renewable energy projects with the highest levels of environmental integrity and social impact.

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